Coin Growth Assets Insurance

Coin Growth Assets Propabbly the best auto-trade platform.

To ensure the safety of funds deposited by our clients on the Coin Growth Assets platform, we have taken out insurance with Hiscox. It is an international specialist insurer and reinsurer based in the Bahamas. Operating in Bermuda, London, Europe and the United States, Hiscox is uniquely positioned in the insurance industry, combining unparalleled expertise, reputation and a traditional no-cost balance.

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The Insurance Protects You Against:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Force majeure situation / crash on the cryptocurrency markets
  • Arrest of company founder
  • Hacker attacks
  • Fraudulent operations inside company
  • War, civil unrest, mass disorder in the country of investment

Securing our network

We use various combinations of load balancers, firewalls, and VPNs to monitor network traffic to protect against cyberattack threats. Our infrastructure is constantly monitored by bots, and the data we send is encrypted. In addition, we enable the HTTP Strict-Transport-Security response system to detect possible cyber threats and apply a DMARC policy to evaluate the authenticity of all emails.

Securing our platform

The Coin Growth Assets security team runs an application security program that aims to improve the security of our code and detect security holes quickly. We are constantly developing and improving our code, making our servers a real fortress.

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